Josh Park

Joshua Park was born and raised in sunny California his whole life. He is currently a student and is on his way to receive his Bachelor's degree in Communications. Outside of his educational background, Joshua has found a deep passion for hip-hop/rap music and enjoys gauging outside perspectives through his interactions and conversations. As an intern at "The Fixxx" show on Dash Radio, he handles various social media accounts and serves as a public relations representative for the show. His future goals include being actively involved in the hip-hop community and letting his laid-back, humorous personality be known to the world.


Thomas De Jesus

Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from CSUN.
Majored in Broadcast Journalism.
Personality within Dj J Wealth’s Question of The Week.
Co-manager of social media for the “The Fixxx”.

grant guillot The Fixxx.jpg

Grant Guillot

Grant Guillot (AKA SAFTisland) is a musician and filmmaker from Littleton, CO. As the photographer for The Fixxx, Grant is in charge of making sure the many memorable moments are captured. Besides his photography and videography, Grant is a singer/rapper/producer under the alias "SAFTisland". His recently released album "LOVELY BOY" tells the story of mental illness and the road to recovery. Through his art, Grant hopes to help those that are struggling, as well as inspire them to use creativity as an outlet..